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Tip for Reapplication

So, the first time I applied to grad schools I got shut out, 0 for 5. So here are some tips I have about the reapplication process.

  • One Minute Gut Check- Do the one minute gut check to make sure you really want to go thru the entire process again. It should only take a minute and if afterwards so you say its still for you, then go into it gung ho
  • Review your letters of recommendation- I was only able to review one of my recommenders but after reading the letter I soon realized that they weren’t doing that great of a job, so I cut them for the reapplication process
  • Expand your school search, maybe there is a school that you think is a diamond in the rough, or a place which may not have a good program, but you know if you hustle in the city you can make the connections you need for the career you want.  Give it a shot and try to get in.
  • Re-categorize your school-Instead of applying to all dream schools, its time to apply to a  safety school. So I would say 1 dream school, 2 fighting chance schools and 1 safetyschool.
  • Start on the essays now- Hopefully your not worried about the GMAT anymore so start on the essays now. It could be as simple as pulling last year’s essays and working on those. Schools don’t really change their essay prompts too much
  • Create a one pager- For all your recommenders, making sure each recommender is hitting on a different part of your profile. Its kind of like a boxing batch, your stepping up with the first punch, and your recommenders are the second punch. Don’t let all the recommenders write about the same thing.
  • Expand the people who good be recommenders- I started using coworkers and people I knew who would take the time to write good recos, I think it helped
  • Talk to current students. Just go to the clubs website and start e-mailing presidents of clubs you would be interested in. Just one correspondence could provide a pivotal paragraph for your essays
  • Write outside of your comfort zone. So my sister was given the writing genes, and I wasnt. But I feel that the one or two paragraphs I wrote out of my comfortable writing style really helped me find my voice in my essays (and also is a reason I am doing this blog)
  • Find recommenders who don’t know and don’t know the process. Mostly people may not give this advice, but it helps in the fact that they don’t have preconceived thoughts on what should be in essays, they can provide good feedback.
  • Don’t give up because persistence is the key ” Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” (Calvin Coolidge)


Hi Everybody who reads this.
So I will be on vacation next week, but if you guys have any topics you want me to write about then leave a note in my comments section. I will def write about it as a filler until my program starts.

Tips for GMAT Part 1

I know as Summer approaches people are preparing for the GMAT, so here are my tips

– For Data Sufficency- AD or BCE is a lifesaver, it quickly lets you narrow down your choices so if you have to make a guess your probability of getting it right increases.

-Dont let the weirdness of the paragraph throw you off. When I took the test one of my reading comprehension paragraphs was about the feeding habits of seals. I totally wasnt expecting it.

-Try to read a variety of topics before going to take the test. Dont just read the WSJ. Coming up to test switch between WSJ, Sports Illustrated, Time, and Newsweek. This way you can get used to different writing styles.

-For math, be neat when working out a problem. I know this is easier said then done, but it helps with accuracy and time.

– Take as many practice tests as possible coming up to the test. Just like a marathon runner trains you should train to. I recommend tests up to the weekend before the test (unless the test is on Monday). And the night before the test watch your favorite funny movie.

-Try to make your practice test just like the real test. If possible start at the same time. Take the breaks and get into a routine. Even if it means walking out of your apartment and walking back in to practice walking into the center.

-Have a friend ready to hang out with after the test. Whether its good or bad your going to want to decompress.

-Have a funny joke that always makes you laugh and tell it yourself half way thru the math section and half thru verbal.