Back from Vacation Ready for School

So I just got back from my summer vacation and after the jet lag wears off I will be ready for school. In 5 days I am leaving for DC. Since I already have a place to live, it a much more relaxed move.  I just need to get there and get my sea legs so that I know what I will be working and try to setup everything I will need to have a successful start to the school year.

I am also eager to start doing some informational interviews so that I can start the year with a laser focus on the industries I am interested in. I have decided to take an approach where I will tap my own network first and then slowly expand out to one and two degrees of separation. Hopefully by the time orientation starts I will be able to take what I love and find the exact career I could do it in.

Okay my jet lag is kicking in but will post for later. Hope everybody is having a safe summer.


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