Computer for B-School

So for anybody heading to business school, there is a big question on what type of computer to get.

I decided to go with theDell XPS Studio 13

Here are the reasons I liked the computer:

  • Light wait, at under 5 pounds its not going to be too heavy to carry around
  • Its has character, after spending 4.5 years as a consultant I dont think I can look at another boring Thinkpad again
  • LED screen- This new screen is supposed to be light and super clear. Its similar to the screens on the Macbook Pro Line
  • Sadly I am going to quote the Microsoft Add- Its cheaper then a Mac. An equivalent Mac with the specs I got and the same terms on warranty would cost around $1500, I paid 1000. The difference is either going to my iphone fund, or less student debt. I better write a worksheet that does the work to figure that one out
  • Sure Dell’s Customer service leaves a lot to be desired, but hey everything can’t be perfect
  • I am not good at the whole dual booting, setting a virtual machine which I would need to do on a mac to get it running Windows, so I will just let the experts handle that.

You can actually go to Best Buy and physically hold the computer before ordering it. Its great and it has potential to be expanded later.


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